Michael Latzer on Berkeley’s Alciphron

2017 Scholar in Residence Michael Latzer is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Gannon University. Mike is most interested in Christian Philosophy, especially apologetics, natural theology, theodicy, and religious language.  His current research involves Bishop Berkeley—his theory of religious language, and his arguments with freethinkers and deists.

Meet Resident Scholar Michael Smith

2017 Scholar in Residence Michael Smith is a doctoral candidate at Boston College.  He has taught a variety of courses in philosophy with a focus on ethics and political philosophy.

Twice a recipient of the Donald J. White award for excellence in teaching, Michael is especially excited to introduce students to new way of considering ethical issues, and to help them think critically and reflectively about their own decisions.

His dissertation research focuses on the relation between religion and social solidarity in Spinoza’s political philosophy, as part of a more general interest in the service of philosophy to communities.

Meet Scholars Connolly and Taylor

Patrick Connolly is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Lehigh University.  His primary research interests are in the history of philosophy with specific focus on John Locke, Isaac Newton, and questions about the relationship between philosophy and science in early modern Britain.

Elanor Taylor is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. She works on metaphysics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of science, and the metaphysical side of philosophy of gender. ​

Watch:  Patrick Connolly on Berkeley’s Commitment to the Colonies

Watch:  Elanor Taylor on Encountering Berkeley’s Private Life



Flag Day 2017

Whitehall welcomes Finnish Scholars

(August 9, 2016 — Middletown, RI)  Whitehall Museum House, the 18th-century home of philosopher George Berkeley, welcomes two philosophers from Finland this month.

Timo Airaksinen and Heta Gylling, both Berkeley scholars, are available for tours of Whitehall Wednesday – Sunday from 10 – 4 during August.

In addition, they will speak informally about Berkeley’s descriptions of Aquidneck Island in his great work Alciphron, written during his stay at Whitehall:    August 25th from 4:30 – 6, on the lawn at Whitehall.

The reception is free and open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served.

Timo Airaksinen and Heta Gylling, Whitehall scholars

Scholars in residence at Whitehall

Whitehall 2015 52 cello

(July 4 2016)  The Costa-Baker family is again at Whitehall this month — their sixth visit.  Alan Baker, professor and chair of the philosophy department at Swarthmore College, gave a fascinating talk on the history of resident scholars at Whitehall after plumbing the archives.

His wife, Shelley Costa, a native of Newport, is researching Anne Berkeley and her influence on her husband’s work.

Youngest daughter Sage fills the house with her music.  Her sister Chloe is an emerging artist.