Interior Photos

A series of photos to support the discussion of proposed renovations.

Whitehall Annual Report 2013-2014

Enjoyed another year of Philosophers and Dames at our nearly three hundred year old house and it becomes clear that we need to focus on substantial repairs to the house and grounds. Towards that end our annual fundraising has netted more than last year at this time and a special Dame has donated $5000 anonymously in the hopes that others will set their standards similarly towards raising our goal of more than $200,000. Last week a Champlin grant was submitted to help with this goal.

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2013 Apple Day

Photos from 2013 Apple Day

Kate Field visits Whitehall


Kate Field and her mother Hope Alexander standing in front of the garden door.


Hope Alexander and her daughter Landscape Designer Kate Field visited to help with our
Visions for Whitehall on Saturday September 28. Jeannie Mc Donough and Elle Burgess
met with Jim Burgess along as photographer. Kate admired our trees and our new shell
walkway and the newly redone floors in the red and green rooms. Kate remembered
weeding the garden when there were stinky pigs next door.

Some photos of the garden.

2013 Second Philosophers Reception

Photos from the 2013 Second Philosophers Reception